What we will do

Prayer Times

Before we eat we pray…One of the regular rhythms at Going Further is regular prayer times. Four times a day we pause and pray together.

 Meal Times

Fill the body, fill the soul… Being in an isolated location has not stopped Orama from putting on amazing meals. Meal times are a great space to fill your energy tank and get to know the other leaders and participants on camp.


Not a spectator sport… We encourage all to be involved in our corporate worship in some way. If you are musical bring your instrument, if you are artistic bring some of your work to share as part of our worship time, if you dance or do poetry or spoken word then get on up!

Sessions with Andy and Kara Root.

Andy and Kara are exceptional speakers who will encourage, inform and challenge you, helping you to find yourself in God’s story.

Small Groups.

We continue to hear how much people love the chance to process ideas and share life with other participants in a small group. This is your chance to share your story, struggles and questions and pray and encourage each other. We will give you some great tips on how to do this well, tips that you can take back to your local settings.

Prayers of the cardboard Cathedral

Each day we will take time to participant in a prayer liturgy that takes place in the iconic Christchurch cardboard Cathedral.

Free time activities.

There are loads of activities that you can in Christchurch CBD


Practical, helpful and informative one-hour optional workshops that you can attend if you’re interested

Rules to live by


Spiritual practices for the journey ahead… We are going to teach you some excellent practices to take with you wherever you go,
some will be great to do by yourself and others will be great to do as you gather a community of people around you.

Celebrate – This your chance to share what the week has meant to you, you can talk, draw, dance or do whatever it takes to share your experience
with us all.

The sending of the 72 – our last act together will be one of commissioning each other to go out into our communities with all that we have learned and grown into over the wonderful week that we spent together



GordonWhat we will do