The Speaker- Darryl Tempero

Darryl Tempero

Darryl is married to Michele, has 3 teenage sons, and lives in Christchurch.  He is a musician, a sports lover, a film buff, a cultural observer, and wonders about God a lot.  He spends time with the Kiwi Church community, a relatively young congregation exploring new ways of being church, part time with Alpine Presbytery helping congregations ask questions of God and about their future. Darryl currently teaches formation at Laidlaw College Christchurch Campus.  He recently completed a doctorate focusing on kiwis who have left various forms of church asking questions about their ongoing spiritual journey. Darryl has made tremendous contributions to Going Further in the past leading spiritual formation sessions and will be a fantastic key speaker this year.


GordonThe Speaker- Darryl Tempero